February 11, 2021 2 min read

Brent 'The Professor' Fikowski is possibly the most analytical CrossFit Games athletes of all time.  In the video below he outlines some of his favourite sleep hygiene tips for optimal sleep.  It is one of the Premium Tips that he has shared from his online program The Professor Project. I have been a member since it started and highly recommend it to anyone interested in competing in CrossFit from your first Open right up to high end competitors.

Here is a quick summary of some his tips:

1. Black Out Your Room

Get rid of any possible light sources.

2. Get Rid of Unwanted Sounds

If there are potent sources of sound that may wake you up try to eliminate them.  If that is not possible use a White or Pink noise generator to mask those distracting sounds.

3. Cool Your Bedroom Down

Use an air conditioner, fan or open a window to cool your room down.  Brent even mentions that he has even brought an icepack to bed on a hot day to help him get to sleep.

4. Supplements

Melatonin, CBD and other supplements are available if needed.

5. Eating Before Bed

We are all different, Brent suggests figuring out what works for your own body by experimenting.  He often eats right before bed but notes that other people sleep better if they stop eating a few hours prior to going to sleep.  

6. Calm Your Mind

Laying on the floor, light stretching and deep breathing can help slow your mind down and prepare it for bed.  Meditation can also be a good option.

7. Avoid Screens

Try to avoid using screens for a few hours before your bedtime. If you do need to use a screen before bed the use blue blocking glasses.

For more information about sleep and recovery optimisation check out our Ultimate Guide to Sleep and Recovery for CrossFit Athletes

If you are looking for more insight from Brent his online program The Professor Project has weekly programming and a huge video library that will make you stronger, faster, and teach you how to move more efficiently, execute properly, and keep hitting PR's.  

Justin Castles
Justin Castles

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