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While our own Sunrise Alarm Clock is in development we thought we would share with you the best Sunrise Alarm clocks for 2021.

Sunrise Alarm clocks are becoming increasingly popular these days. The human brain needs sleep to function properly. However, being jolted up by an annoying beeping sound has shown to have negative impacts on the brain. According to astudy led by Professor Till Roenneberg of the University of Munich, Institute of Medical Psychology, waking up by alarm clocks cause a phenomenon that he labeled as the "social jet lag." He described it as a clash between our sleep requirements and the amount our lifestyle demands. 

Sunrise Alarm clocks have shown to reduce the “social jet lag” and improve circadian rhythms – that are necessary for effective sleep cycles. The main idea behind the artificial dawn is to simulate an actual sunrise and improve unbalanced circadian rhythms. This allows for better and longer sleep cycles by moving your biological clock further.

Today, there are hundreds of sunrise clock options available in the market. Choosing the best one is nothing less than a big hassle. The following list includes some of the most effective sunrise clocks available today:


Philips SmartSleep: Sleep and Wake-up Therapy

Phillips Sunrise Alarm Clock

Philips has done ample research on sleep-related issues and has released several devices to make it better. From anti-snoring to treating sleep apnea, the company has some great gadgets to offer. The Philips SmartSleep sunrise clock features a round design that is easy to set up and start. It comes packed with a range of features that can significantly improve your sleep quality. Further, it has been clinically proven that 92% of its users found it easier to get out of bed with the smart lamp as compared to their regular alarm clocks. 

To delve into some of the specs of the lamp:

  • Adjustable light

Philips SmartSleep offers several different light modes that you can choose from. You can select the brightness levels and warmth depending on your preferences. There are four sunrise options to chose from - that get brighter slowly – mimicking an actual sunrise.

  • Alarm sounds

Apart from the light options, the smart lamp also comes with an alarm option to help you wake up. There are eight different tones you can choose from. None of them are too loud to jolt you out of bed. The volume goes up as it gets brighter. Further, the more advanced models also have an FM option.

  • PowerWake

The powerwake is like a regular alarm clock with bright light. It plays a super loud music and a flashing light to get you out of bed – a perfect combination if you are getting late!

  • AUX

You can also connect your phone to the Philips SmartSleep via an AUX wire. It can play music directly from your phone then. Further, the lamp can also charge your phone.

  • Bedroom conditions

The smartlamp also keep tracks of your bedroom conditions including humidity, temperature, light and noise. 

  • Price

Given the range of features offered by Philips SmartSleep sunrise clock, it is relatively expensive. However, definitely worth its price. You can buy it on Philips shop for $199.95

The Philips SmartSleep is a great gadget that can improve your circadian rhythms and improve your sleep cycles. Apart from the expensive price tag, it is definitely amongst the top of the list of the best sunrise alarm clocks.

Homelabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

Sunrise Alarm Clock

If you want to go for an extremely affordable option, Homelabs Sunrise Alarm Clock is another great choice. Similar to the Philips SmartSleep, it also features a round design and is easy to operate. Given the affordability, it is not equipped with the advanced features, however, it is still a good investment and can improve your sleep quality. To discuss some of the features:

  • Adjustable Light

Homelabs sunrise alarm clock comes with a warm LED light that gradually brightens up over a 30 minutes time period. It starts glowing before your alarm clock rings to allow for a more comfortable waking up. further, it also has a sleep timer and can be used as night light.

  • Alarm Clock

There are several ring tones options available that you can select for your alarm. Most of them are nature inspired to gently wake you up. The lamp also features a snooze button that can turn off the alarm and light for 5 minutes.

  • LED options

Homelabs Sunrise Alarm Clock offers eight different colour options including green, blue, red, purple or yellow. It can also be used as a lamp, the colours add a little “funk” while also helping you sleep better.

  • Alarm Sounds

There are several sound options to chose from. You can scroll through the list and select the one that you like the best. There is also an FM radio option that can be started from the FM button located on the top.

  • Time Format

The time is displayed on the LED touchscreen. You can change it to 12 hour or 24-hour format. There are three brightness options for the display that you can chose from.

  • Price

Homelabs sunrise Alarm clock is an extremely affordable option. It can be bought on Amazon for $21.99.

Although, not as great as the Philips SmartSleep, Homelabs sunrise alarm clock is an affordable option that offers some great features. However, it is not as effective as its market alternatives and the quality is mediocre at best. 

Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300

Lumie Sunrise Alarm Clock

The Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300 is another standout sunrise simulating clock that is more high-end. It has several advanced features that can help improve your sleep patterns. From different light and alarm options to other relaxing features, the Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300 offers it all. To discuss some of the features:

  • Gradual Sunrise and Sunset

The smartlamp offers a sunrise duration of 15 to 90 minutes with variable light intensity. Further, it also offers a sunset mode where the light slowly dims, allowing you to fall asleep much easily. The colours for both can also be adjusted according to your comfort. 

  • Alarm Options

You can set an alarm that will ring after the sunrise simulation is complete and the lamp is at its max intensity – as specified by you. There are 15 different ring tone options that are mostly nature inspired, allowing for gentle waking up. Further, you can also set recurring alarms on daily or weekly basis. There is also a tap-control snooze button that can turn off your alarm and light for a few minutes.

  • White noise 

The Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300 can also double as a white noise machine and can help you fall asleep better. Paired with the sunset option, the lamp cradles you to sleep slowly. 

  • Price

Since its more high-end, the Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300 is a little towards the pricey side. It can be bought for $159 on Amazon.

Similar to the Philips SmartSleep, the Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300 is a pretty great gadget, with several advanced features. The price, although a little expensive, lies around the middle of the range, making it a good option as its given price.

Jall Wake up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

Sunrise Alarm Clock

Another budget friendly sunrise clock that you can buy is the Jall Wake up light. It costs less than $100 and offers features similar to the more expensive options. It offers several color variations and brightness levels to match your comfort and allow for a calming experience. Delving into the details:

  • Light options

The Jall Wakeup light offers a sunrise simulation with 7 colours and 20 brightness levels. The light starts intensifying gradually and reaches the maximum specified value in 30 minutes. However, the time can he adjusted to 20 or 10 minutes as well. The colour options include blue, purple, indigo, red, green, yellow and orange. It also offers 3 different LED time displays.

  • Dual Alarms

The dual alarm feature of the Jall Wakeup light is not present in most of its market alternatives. You can set two different alarms – perhaps for different people in your household. There is also a snooze option that turns it off for 9 minutes.

  • Alarm Sounds

The light supports FM radio along with seven different alarm sounds. Like the rest of the options, these sounds are also nature inspired and offer a calming experience to the users. There is an FM radio button at the top. Pressing it for 2 seconds browses through the available frequencies and plays the one that has the best quality.

  • Night Light

Jall Wakeup light can also second as a bedside lamp. You can adjust the brightness and the warmth of the light according to your needs. It can also be used as a reading light.

  • Price

You can buy the Jall Wakeup light on Amazon for $37.99. It is considerably affordable as compared to its market alternatives, especially with the features it offers.

Lumie Bodyclock Rise 100

Lumie Sunrise Alarm Clock

The Lumie Bodyclock 100 is a less advanced version of the Lumie Bodyclock 300. However, due to the company’s numerous products in the field, it is equally promising. Although, not as high-end as its 300 version, the sunrise lamp is still pretty great. If you are looking for a basic sunrise simulator, that is also affordable, this is the gadget to buy. To discuss some of the features of the device:

  • Sunrise 

The Lumie bodyclock Rise 100 offers a 30 minutes sunrise. You can specify the light intensity you want to reach. It has the capability to mimic a sunset as well. You can specify the light intensity and it decreases gradually. There are not much colour options, except the basic warm lights. 

  • Alarm options

The lamp does not feature nature sounds for your alarm clock, however, it does have an optional beeping sound that you can chose. Once the light reaches its full intensity, the alarm would start beeping to wake you up. There is a tamp-control snooze and an auto-dimming display option though.

  • Price

You can buy the Lumie Bodyclock 100 for $99 on Amazon. It is a little overpriced for the features it offers, however, might be more durable as compared to the cheaper options.

If you want to go for a famous brand, where quality is guaranteed, regardless of the price, this is the gadget for you. However, all factors considered, it might not be the best option at the given price point.


Numerous research has shown that sleep plays a major role in your social dealings and generally, how your day goes. Waking up to a loud beeping noise can make you cranky, that can in turn affect your whole day. Sunrise simulators have shown to significantly improve your sleep patterns and promote a better lifestyle. Waking up to a calming light and natural sounds has shown to leave a positive impact on your brain.

The above list contains some of the best sunrise clocks available in the market. Choosing the best one is solely dependent on your budget and requirements. If you want to go for an affordable option that offers good quality features, the Jall Wakeup light Sunrise Alarm clock is a good option. It offers several light features and a dual alarm option, that is not available in other devices. Further, it also comes with a three year warranty.

On the other hand, if you are not too worried about the budget, the best option to go for is the Philips SmartSleep: Sleep and Wakeup Therapy. It offers the most advanced features and is extremely easy to use. Further, it can also simulate a sunset, which is pretty great.

If you are not yet sure and are still learning about sleep quality, start by implementing our 7 quick hacks to improve your sleep!

Yelana Jennings
Yelana Jennings

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